This website has been developed to provide the average person with an insight into the often difficult topic of dealing with how your assets will be distributed after you have passed from this earth. It can be confronting for even the most stoic of us to talk about our own mortality and what will be left of our assets after we have passed away, but this should be considered for a number a reasons:

  • The time and effort over your lifetime that you have spent accumulating your assets;
  • Your estate can be managed more efficiently if a valid will exists, reducing dramas and additional costs;
  • You can maintain control over how your estate assets are to be distributed; and
  • You can make non-binding wishes clear so that these can be considered by your executor. Examples of these are organ donation, funeral arrangements and nomination of non-estate assets like superannuation.

The aim of this site is to help you get an understanding of the importance of having a Last Will and Testament, and how to go about drafting one up.

Important Points

Never staple your Will Try to review your Will every 5 years or so as your situation may have changed in that time

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